Fake News In The Major Media

Rather than focusing on fake news in kook publications that hardly anyone reads, the focus should be on the relentless fake news that comes out in the major media every day that most people think are credible sources. These channels of fake news are much more damaging than reports coming from blogs and other sources that most people have never heard of.

  • Trump Shuns Daily Security Briefings:

    Trump never said he would shun the daily security briefings. He said he wanted to know immediately whenever there is anything new or any changes. This makes total sense. For example, would you want your vehicle to notify whenever something needs your attention (oil low, tire pressure low, fuel low, seat belt not fastened, etc.), or would you like it to report the condition of every system every 5 minutes regardless of whether there is any change in condition or not? If your vehicle reported the status of every system every 5 minutes, not only would that be very distracting, but the problem condition that needs your attention may get lost in all the reports of the systems working properly that don't need your attention. In the same way, the President only needs to know when some condition has changed that needs his attention and does not need repeated reports on conditions that have not changed from the prior day. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF FAKE NEWS ITEMS PERPETUATED BY THE MAJOR NEWS MEDIA EVERY DAY IN AN ATTEMPT TO DISCREDIT PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  • Intelligent Sources Say The Russians Hacked The DNC Emails To Favor Trump:

    There is no one at the CIA or NSA who is saying this is true. If you believe otherwise, provide the name of the source at the CIA and NSA that the major media is quoting. You can not as they have no named sources. The information the major media is spouting is coming from operatives within the Democratic Party and the Obama Administration, not directly from any intelligence sources. There is no credible confirmation that the intelligence community is convinced it was the Russians that did the hacking. There is just as much evidence that it was a disgruntled DNC staff member that leaked the emails. There is also no evidence that Russia would favor a Trump election over a Hillary election. It really doesn't make much sense that Russia would favor Trump when Russia has been able to carry out their policies under the Obama / Clinton Administrations with no push back from those Administrations. Click Here for more information. THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF FAKE NEWS ITEMS PERPETUATED BY THE MAJOR NEWS MEDIA EVERY DAY IN AN ATTEMPT TO DISCREDIT PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  • Dateline NBC rigged a truck to explode for their documentary on unsafe GMC trucks:

    Dateline wanted to show that GMC trucks were unsafe and could explode. The only problem was that in staged crashes they could not get one to explode. So in order to film one exploding for the documentary, they rigged a perfectly safe GMC truck to explode on camera.

  • The fake stories produced by Stephen Glass for The New Republic, Rolling Stone, and Policy Review:

    For over $200,000 Stephen Glass produced many stories that were published by major media outlets. It turned out that all these stories were just made up by Stephen Glass. This was documented in the movie Shattered Glass.

  • The fake stories produced by Jayson Blair for The New York Times:

    For many years Jayson Blair provided reports to The New York Times and other publications supposedly while on investigative trips to other cities. It turned out that all the stories were written from his Brooklyn apartment. The stories were a combination of plagiarism and just made up. The New York Times conceded that Blair's reports were a profound betrayal of trust, and a low point in the 152-year history of the newspaper.

  • Fake Report by Dan Rather of CBS News to try to throw the 2004 election of George Bush:

    Dan Rather generated a phony story about George W. Bush's Air National Guard service using falsified documents. Many at CBS allowed the story to air even though they knew the documents it was based on were falsified. Discovery of this fraud ended the career of Dan Rather.

The above are just a few examples that I was able to come up with in just 5 minutes of research. The major media outlets engage in fake news continuously. To document every case would be a full time effort.

For a few more fake news stories found in major media outlets, visit: http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2016/11/22/12-fake-news-stories-from-the-mainstream-media/

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